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Northern Warmth Douglas Fir Supreme.
this was the original Okanagan Douglas Fir purple bag.


Northern Max / Cubex – $275.00 per ton 

La Crete – $275.00 per ton / $330 pallet

North Country – $275.00  ton/ $330 pallet


a pallet is 60 bags and a ton is 50 bags












Cash and carry.  Delivery available, contact us for more information.
* – Payment upon order for the ‘Spring Sale’

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Wood Pellet Info

Renewable, sustainable, and produced from 100% wood fiber made from compressed sawdust. There are no additives, the shiny surface you see is created by the compression of the sawdust. Wood pellets are more dense, have less moisture, and will produce more heat compared to seasoned firewood. Depending on the wood source, premium wood pellets will vary in length, color, and density.

The Pellet Fuels Institute produces the Quality Control program to assure a more standardized testing and reporting of wood pellet quality industry wide.


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